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Treating in Northfield Clinic

Occupational Therapist

Pelvic Health Therapist

Hello and welcome to Next Level Therapy!
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our services! My name is Ellen Monti and I have been a licensed Occupational Therapist for a little over a decade. I have had the wonderful opportunity to work in various settings treating adults in Columbus and Northeast Ohio throughout my career. As a colleague and friend of both Lisa and Gina’s, I then became a client of theirs. It was during my own pre- and post- partum journeys that I gained a true understanding of how vital pelvic health is for all daily functions!  As an OT, I strive to empower those of all genders to live healthy, active, and engaging lifestyles. In collaboration with YOU, I assess how your roles, habits, routines, and relationships affect your goals, because after all, YOU are the expert of your own body!  With the use of holistic modalities, I aim to optimize participation in your daily activities. Whether it be taking your dog for a walk, caring for your loved ones, watching a movie with your friends, competing as a high level athlete or being intimate with your partner, regaining or improving your participation in what matters most to you is the focus. I understand how participation in these meaningful activities not only affects physical but mental health and well-being. I am passionate about using a person focused approach to improve function and help you achieve your goals. I am so very excited to be on this journey with you! I look forward to meeting you and being a part of your wellness journey.

Ellen Monti, MS, OTR/L

Ellen Monti: Welcome
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