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Pregnant? Postpartum? Visit Lisa. Just do it. My midwife told me I should, but I delayed. I wish I had taken her advice sooner. This therapy can help you with a better birth experience and faster recovery! ❤️ Lisa has a PHENOMENAL calm and fun personality! She shows you what’s going on in your body and formulates an effective recovery plan! She’s simply amazing. There is a reason her schedule is nearly full. Just put a date on the calendar—your body will thank you. I plan on using Lisa’s services during my next pregnancy. She’s EXTREMELY experienced—such an expert!



Today I visited Lisa Loveless because I was experiencing very intense abdominal pain and digestive issues. Her MAGIC HANDS made me feel 100 times better!! Lisa practiced visceral manipulation and myofascial release. I left her office feeling like a brand new person!

Visceral Manipulation


I went to Next Level for issues with urinary leakage. Lisa was a very compassionate therapist. Although the process was awkward at times, she made the entire process very comfortable and reassuring. She listened, explained everything she was doing and most importantly to me the reasons for it. My issue was resolved very quickly and I had a very positive experience with an outstanding therapist. Thanks Lisa

Male Pelvic Health


Without a doubt, Lisa was purposefully placed in my life for a reason.  Her personality alone is one in a million, but the care she provides is unmatched. She has become like family. I am so blessed to say that, after 3 years of struggling with infertility, I am 20 weeks pregnant with the most beautiful little boy.  Lisa truly changes lives with her gentle and caring touch everyday. I am so blessed to have her as my therapist and would highly recommend her services to anyone.


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