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Health, wellness, and activity have always been an important and integral part of my own life. As an active person, I am very aware of how injuries or bodily limitations can prevent us from doing what we love to do. Fear of leaking, pelvic pain, etc., can limit us in our performance of daily tasks and/or achieving our goals (i.e. picking up our kids, carrying that bag of dog food, participating in that exercise class, enjoying sex, etc.).

When we are limited by our bodies to perform physically, you know what else is affected….yep you got it…OUR MIND! Personally, when I can’t lift weights, run, or bike because of injury or other reasons, my attitude suffers. My mental clarity is affected and most importantly my “happy factor” dissipates.

THIS is why I have switched gears and transitioned my passion of providing Occupational Therapy into the world of whole body movement including our inner core and pelvic floor. As an Occupational Therapist, I am well-trained and equipped to focus on the whole person… the biological being, the psychological being, and the social being. I want to work with you collaboratively.  

We will establish goals together and we will work together, so that you are fully and completely able to participate in your daily living tasks of work, play, and leisure.  We will explore what interventions will be most beneficial to your recovery including myofascial release, visceral mobility, cranial sacral therapy, and pelvic floor/inner core training to name a few.  

I want to help you regain your physical strength, your mental strength, and your “Happy Factor”.

I look forward to meeting with each and every one of you that comes through our doors. I am so excited to work with you on your journey toward wellness.

Lisa Loveless, OTR/L

Pelvic Floor Health Specialist

Movement/Soft Tissue Specialist

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